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Online Businesses are now superior to Offline Businesses. The first thing about online business is that you have “location independence” i.e. you can run them from wherever you are in the world. You can run it from the Africa, from school, from the beach, in a coffee shop or from your own home. Wherever you are, all you need is a Laptop/Smartphone and internet.  Whilst, if you have an offline business you need to have a rental building, an office, a store, you’ll need to pay utilities or even employees.
Online Business is future-proof. When was the last time you went into a shopping mall? Everything we do this day is online. Wait, can you believe that people are not shopping and buying cars online, for real. Well, you already know about this service- Afialink.  In the USA, Cavana is selling cars online, I mean you shop cars like you’re buying your regular USB drives online.
You probably have noticed that a lot of businesses that were here when you’re a child have disappeared because they’ve all being eaten up by the internet -eCommerce stores.  Millions of dollars are made online every minute.

Before you continue, promise me you’ll share this message. Don’t keep it to yourself. I love our youths and that’s why I am putting all efforts in passing vital information to motivate them into doing the right thing. We need to change us. Share this article.
We need to change us, that begins with changing what we are doing online every day! Some of us are just on Facebook to chat and insult, watch video clips and laugh. If you have a smartphone that’s connected to the internet you’re just a mile away from becoming a millionaire. How much you’ll make online will totally depend on how much effort you’re willing to commit to what I am about to teach you. Remember, I don’t know it all but the little I know, I will always share!

Website Flipping vs. House Flipping!
You must have heard it told that House flipping is the main thing, right? I have been to several seminars on house flipping and how to make money using other people’s money. I have just discovered that website flipping is better if you want to build massive wealth fast. I’m sure you’ve seen one of the many tv programs on Flipping Houses and Real Estate Business; there is one called “Flip or Flop” or other news on how to flip houses. It’s been popular these days. Though flipping houses can be a good way to make money fast if you have the required capital. But what if you don’t have? What if your capital is even below N200,000 Naira?  What if you don’t know how to even fix the house before selling.
Flipping an online Business is way superior to flipping houses. You can flip online Businesses and make 50 to 500% percent in six months without doing any physical work. Everything is done from a computer. Flipping an online business is a lot easier than flipping houses. No doubt about it that it does take some work to flip a website but the return and profit can be crazily high than buying an offline business.

I know your question right now? Josiah, stop talking and show us how to flip this thing! Yes, how much do you think Afialink worth in 2 years? Someone has priced me to the sale for N100 MILLION NAIRA AND I REFUSED! Yes, in just 2 years of my effort online N100,000,000 is knocking at my door and I said NO, DON’T COME IN YET.
How much do you think Miss Linda Ikeji worth, Bella Naija, to name but a few?  Before you flip, you must buy or build. I am going to show you where you can buy already built online businesses and I will equally show you how to build your own online Business.
1.       The World Biggest Marketplace where you can buy and Sale an online Business is
Yeah! Check them out.  You can buy a website, apps, Amazon FBA, etc. Beware of Scammers on
2.       Another way to buy any online business is by Direct Contact. Contact the owner of the business you like and ask them if they’re interested in selling.
3.       You can buy an online business through a broker. A broker will help you decide which business to invest in. The top three websites for online business brokers are
4.       Another way to buy an online business is through Partnering Companies. Partnering companies will guarantee at least 15% to 50% return on investment.
The two biggest online partnering companies are
a.       www.
Now that you know where to buy a business online, you can invest wisely. I also know that some of my followers maybe be able to afford to buy a business online, thus I will recommend building your own online business and flipping it. So, What kind of business can one build online?


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